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First and foremost, please understand that we take the safety of our membership very seriously and this plan is created solely for our church.  There is no cookie cutter model as all churches are not the same logistically but we kept close to safety guidelines structures.


We do want you to understand that things will be restructured differently and this will be our new norm if you will.  Your patience and complying to this plan is much appreciated.  We plan to debrief weekly with our staff as to what we can tweak as we move forward. So again, patience as we go through this process. 





First, all members who will be attending in person will be required to complete a form weekly prior to that Sunday of attendance.  We will have forms digitally as well as hard copies.   


Forms will ask for name, contact number, whether you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19, if you yourself have or had any specific symptoms, and if you have been diagnosed since last time being at church along with your signature.


We respect your privacy at the same time we appreciate your honesty.  We are all excited about returning however we do not want to risk your health or the health of others.  It is very important that registration forms are completed by each individual. Also, if you are not feeling well, we encourage you to stay home and participate through FB Live.


If you have yourself and your child or children ages 15 and below, you will need to complete a form for them attending along with yours.  Ages 16 and up will complete their own forms.  


Why is it important; why does it matter?

This weekly registration process is necessary for contact tracing.  Anyone who comes into close contact with someone who has COVID-19 is at increased risk of becoming infected themselves, and of potentially infecting others. Contact tracing can help prevent further transmission of the virus by quickly identifying and informing people who may be infected and contagious, so they can take steps to not infect others.  A person may be contagious 48 to 72 hours before they start to experience symptoms.  In this situation, members are notified about their exposure. They may be told what symptoms to look out for, advised to isolate themselves for a period of time, and to seek medical attention as needed if they start to experience symptoms.  This will be critical from our Nurses Ministry.  At all costs, we will remain discreet concerning exposures. 


Those who do not register will have to wait before being seated.  We may have to also use the Fellowship Hall for that purpose.  You will still need to check in but seating will be paused.  Guests that come for the first time will have a section reserved.  This is why it is imperative that you register weekly.   


TNSPBC is NOT held liable for any treatment in connection to the pandemic.  



We all have places we were used to sitting  pre-Covid and when we return, you will not be seated back in those specific places.  We have to space everyone safely and it may be 3 to a row maximum unless you are with your family (up to 6) and we have to go every other pew. Seating will shift weekly based on who attends as well.  Again, we are maintaining social distancing which is still crucial in this capacity.



Since we will still continue our live broadcast, which begins promptly at 10 AM, we strongly encourage those attending in person to arrive before 9:40 AM.  We will have doors open ready to receive you at 9:15 AM.  We have discussed time frames so we are not congested with everyone entering at the same time and that will be shared with you prior to your arrival. 


We would like to reserve the front parking area for handicapped attendees so they will have ease of entering and exiting the building. All others please use the back and upper areas to park.


When you enter we have temperature monitors to check before you check in.  This is just a safety feature in case things change from the time you registered to the time you arrive.  Again, this is for safety. 


Everyone entering our facility is required to wear a mask at all times.  If anyone should attend without one, we will have extras just in case during check-in. You will then check in at the greeters table and then you will be seated to your assigned pew. NO FACE SHIELDS, but if you do wear one a mask is still required.  



There will be a place for you to drop off your tithes and offerings upon arrival or you can use Givelify or our mobile app for giving as well. We want to reduce the amount of movement in the Sanctuary. It is encouraged to have your envelopes prepared prior to arrival.


Our Worship Experience will flow the same as it does on our live stream.  Praise and worship followed by Pastor Clark delivering his message.  We do not quench the move of the Holy Spirit by any At the benediction, we ask that you follow the directions of the means...we just shifted the format of our worship that is more conducive to our PRAISE without unnecessary  breaks.  


Follow the team’s direction for ease of dismissal. We will dismiss by sections as well.


When you are dismissed, this will not be the time to stand around conversating.  The team will need to sanitize and get things in order.  You can converse freely with each other outside of the building in a more open area. 


The Re-Entry Team will work diligently to troubleshoot any areas of concern as we proceed. Each Sunday may vary by attendance however, we will adhere to the plan in place until it is safe for us to make any major changes.  


Again, we THANK YOU for your understanding, patience, and compliance as we move forward.  Keep your FOCUS, we LOVE you, and WE GOT YOU!


‘Equipping The Saints To Impact The Community’

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