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       Our goal at New Saint Paul is to come together to worship and pursue a deeper relationship with God.   At TNSPBC, we offer many ways for all ages to be encouraged in that pursuit.  Let us introduce you to a few of them.

Deacon & Deaconess Ministry


Aids the Pastor in making decisions concerning the church.  They also

will assist in the development of Disciples of Christ by servitude and

living a life that is Biblically based.

Trustee Ministry


The Trustees serve as legal representatives in safeguarding all properties belonging to the church, maintenance, make suggestions and recommendations concerning major repairs and upkeep of the church  financially as well, as they interact with other ministries within the church to assure safe keeping.

Sunday School


The Sunday School Ministry is to set the atmosphere for learning and gaining more understanding about the God we serve.  This ministry involves teaching and equipping members for ministries that are the foundations for deepening spiritual awareness, and providing students with the necessary moral and ethical values to know Christ in order to be Christ-like.

Ushers Ministry


The purpose of the Usher Ministry is to help the Pastor to make the worship experience a success by putting the Congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the Message by meeting the people with a pleasant smile and warm welcome.

Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry strives to lead our Youth to Christ and teach them to share their faith with others.  This ministry will give the Youth an understanding of how God is in their life and help them grow into adulthood.

Seasoned Saints


The Seasoned Saints is to focus on the needs and concerns of the Senior Citizens of the church and community.

Greeters Ministry


The Greeters Ministry greets our member and guests upon arrival to the church.

Music Ministry


The purpose of the Music Ministry is to set the atmosphere with music for worship unto the Lord.  This ministry does not focus on entertainment, but on uplifting songs that will minister to the congregation.

Pastor's Aide 


The Pastor’s Aide Ministry provides service to the Pastor and his family, ensuring he is fully equipped and prepared to fulfill his responsibilities in leading the church.

Christians on a Mission

This ministry takes Young Adults ages 18-50 to the next level of their Christian journey. Many fellowship activities and community services are planned throughout the year.


The Laymen Ministry is to deepen the relationship of men with God, their families, communities, and each other.

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry is to help strengthen the missionary work of the church.  Assist in all missionary endeavors.  This ministry provides learning experiences and opportunities for Seniors, Young Adults, and Youth.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry oversees the operation, usage, cleanliness and preservation of the Church kitchen and its apparatus.  The Culinary Ministry provides food for all special moments upon request from other NSP Ministries.  The Culinary Ministry also provides food for church supported activities.

Nurses Ministry


The Nurses Ministry is to aid those not feeling well while on the church premises.

Drama Ministry


The Drama Ministry is a way to communicate the message of God by captivating our attention by telling a story. It allows more members of our congregation to be involved in public and platform ministry.

Services We Provide

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