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     Before the year of 1929, there was not a church in our community. Several interested people met at the Old Sunshine School on Sharpe Street for a revival. The Reverend R. C. Stover, pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church, Fieldale, Virginia held the revival. Several souls were saved and were accepted as candidates for baptism. This brought new hope for the people. On March 26, 1930, the Saint Baptist Church was organized. Reverend R. C. Silvers consented to serve as pastor. After serving for two years, Reverend Silvers resigned.

     In April 1932, Reverend T. L. Smith of Ridgeway, Virginia accepted the call as pastor. Also, in April, the church decided that Sunday worship services would be held twice monthly. Under the leadership of Reverend Smith, a sanctuary was built on Hairston Street. Dedication services were held on August 22, 1934. During Reverend Smith’s leadership, many improvements and accomplishments were made. He resigned after 29 years of service to this community on December 25, 1961.

     June 10, 1962 Reverend Roy J. Howard became the third pastor of New Saint Paul. A complete reorganization of the church program began. Sunday worship services were held weekly. Ground breaking ceremonies for a new sanctuary was held in February 1977. The new sanctuary was built and completed in 1978 on East Stadium Drive.

Under Reverend Howard’s leadership many achievements were made. New Deacons were added, the establishment of the Charlie D. Hairston Scholarship Fund in 1987 as well as Mortgage Burning Service held on July 18, 1993. October 1993 Rev. Howard retired after 31 years of service. He entered into eternal rest August 1994.


     October 1994 Revered Eric T. Bunch became our pastor. Under his leadership we implemented the ordering of worship around the church calendar year. A Ministries Responsibilities Manual was written outlining the activities of ministry for each auxiliary was presented to and approved by the church. He entered into eternal rest on April 1999.

     On Sunday, July 30, 2000, Reverend Erich Von Williams was elected as our pastor. Pastor Williams was installed Sunday, September 24, 2000. Rev. Williams had a strong biblical knowledge concerning the purpose of the church, pastor, and members. His vision for our church was “Strengthening the Church, Through Strengthening the Community.” Pastor Williams reorganized the various ministries of the church so they would have a better understanding of their mission and objectives. He entered eternal rest on October 2006.

     Reverend Joel E. Clark was elected pastor of NSP on the 4th Sunday in October 2007. Pastor Clark believes in preaching the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He loves all people with the love of God. To sum it all up, Pastor Clark wants to please God by serving others. Currently, Pastor Clark has implemented new ministries, revamped the church theme to “Equipping the Saints To Impact the Community,” breakfast for Youth on Sunday mornings, the addition of three new deacons, and paid off the mortgage of the land purchased.

​​Pastors Past and Present
Reverend T. L. Smith 1932-1961
Reverend Roy J. Howard 1972-1993
Reverend Eric T. Bunch 1994-1998
Reverend Erich Von Williams 2000-2006
Reverend Dr. Joel E. Clark 2007-Present

TNSPBC Founding Members
James H. Wilson
Elias Wilson
Lucinda Broadnax
Fred Hairston, Sr.
Joseph Brown
David Brown
B. D. Hairston
Sunny Hairston
Nelson Hairston, Sr.
Creasie Hairston
Georgia A. Hairston
Lewis Hairston, Sr.
Ida Hairston
Maria Hairston
Eugene Tinsley, Sr.
Nellie Taylor
Katie Taylor
Harden Broadnax
Travis Broadnax
Sallie A. Broadnax
Alice Hampton
Mildred Taylor
William Jones

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