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          Dr. Joel E. Clark is the pastor of The New Saint Paul Baptist Church of Eden, North Carolina where He’s served for 15 years but before he was called to be a pastor God called him to be the husband of First Lady Cynthia M. Clark & they have been married for 25 years. Then God called him to be the father of two blessed sons, Jonte & Jymon.

          In 2002 Pastor Clark answered the call to preach the gospel of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. He waited patiently under the leadership of his pastor before he preached his initial sermon & was licensed in February of 2004 by the Elm Grove Baptist Church of Reidsville, North Carolina where the Dr. Clarence Johnson served as pastor & he was ordained in October of 2007 by the Guilford Missionary Baptist Association.

          Pastor Clark has served as the facilitator for the Usher's Ministry of the Guilford Baptist Association as well as the President for the Ushers Ministry in Guilford’s Association. After 6 ½ years of study, prayer, & working diligently he received and completed his studies at the Living Epistle Bible College in Greensboro, North Carolina where he received his Doctorate degree in Divinity. He also was one of the administrators who headed up & designed the Bible College's first website. He was also one of the bible college instructors for the online studies for pastors who wanted to further their education.

      Under the leadership of Pastor Clark we have paid off the land acquisition, purchased a new van and now have our own Church Logo with all copyrights.  We now have a website and Facebook page, and in 2012 purchased a LED Marquee.  The Lord has added 102 new members to TNSPBC some by baptism, rededication their lives to God, watch care,  and others who just wanted to be part of this branch of Zion.

      The Lord led Pastor Clark to enhance the ministries of the church by adding Seasoned Saints, Nurse’s Ministry, Greeter’s Ministry, Christians On A Mission, and Divine Daughters of Praise. We now have Praise and Worship at 9:45 AM each Sunday morning followed by Worship Experience at 10 AM.  Sunday School restructured and Youth class The Joshua Generation has been added.  Reorganization of the music ministry with Women of Praise, Men of Praise, Youth of Destiny, Magnificent Voices of Praise, United Praise Singers, and Mighty Mass Choir with Brother Justin Cunningham as the Minister of Music.  Installation of three deacons, three deaconesses, five new trustees, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurers, Administrative Assistant, and Assistant Clerk.  Pastor Clark was led by the Holy Spirit to have Minister H. Eric Prunty ordained and placed him over Christian Education as Superintendent of Sunday School. Also three Associate Ministers have been added: Minister Rosalyne G. Hannah, Minister Toni P. Smith, and Minister Linda Clodfelter. 

     Pastor Clark received vision for TNSPBC to do an outreach ministry in the form of a clothes giveaway at Brown Stone Commons Apartment Complex with an annual event held on the  church grounds.  We have given away clothes, toys, shoes, furniture, and technology equipment.  We have also sent clothes and shoes to children in Haiti an process of sending dresses made from pillow cases to Africa. 



  Held our 6th Women’s Luncheon named “The Josephine B. Neal Luncheon” which has grown  and is successful every year.

      The Youth have been blessed to visit Disney World for a week in 2010, and a week in Washington, DC the summer of 2012. In 2013 Youth and parents visited Atlanta, Georgia and Six Flags as well as historical sites.  Pastor Clark and First Lady accompany the youth on their outings with them enjoying the fellowship and fun.

      All of these accomplishments could not have been completed if it wasn’t for God’s grace, mercy, and love. Pastor Clark believes in preaching the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He loves all people with the love of God. To sum it up all he wants to do is please God by serving others.



       First Lady Cynthia Clark is a native of Reidsville North Carolina where she attended the public school system & is a graduate of Reidsville Senior High. She’s been happily married for 25 years to the Rev. Dr. Joel E Clark and they have two sons Jontè & Jymon. Sister Clark & her family served faithfully in their home church of Elm Grove Baptist Church of Reidsville under the leadership of Dr. Clarence Johnson before God called them in October of 2007 to leave and serve His people at The New Saint Paul Baptist Church in Eden, North Carolina.

     Being a pastor’s wife has its challenges but Cynthia is no stranger to struggles and challenges throughout her life. She and her brother were raised by a single mother who didn't rely on the government system to provide for the family. Through life experiences as a child of a hard working single mother, Cynthia was given a solid foundation and great work ethics which allowed her to purchase her first home at the young age of 24. At this point in her life she like her mother found herself a single mother to a son. For 10 years Cynthia experienced the struggles that came with providing for a family by working a full and part time job. These experiences helped her develop love, patience, compassion, strength, and a determination to never give up. This also helped her to display these attributes when it comes to supporting her children, her husband and serving the members of The New Saint Paul Baptist Church and abroad.      


Cynthia has a genuine passion not just for single mothers but children too, which led her to take on the task of being the President of the Youth Ministry of New Saint Paul where she labored faithfully for 2 years and under her leadership the ministry flourished and accomplished many great things for the Lord. She spearheaded the Youth Breakfast which NSP provided during her tenure. The Youth were served breakfast every Sunday before Sunday School. She also implemented giving new candidates for baptism gift bags that include a bible and other age appropriate items that will help and encourage them in their journey with Christ. Her love for children has also allowed her to be blessed with a job as a child care counselor for the YMCA of Reidsville since 2006. She is in the process of forming a outreach support ministry outside of NSP for Single Mothers Moving Forward.

       Cynthia Clark may be a lady of few words but, her actions and labor of love speaks volumes way beyond what she would ever say or tell anyone. Finally, she believes and is persuaded that that one of her responsibilities is to be a blessing to all people by using her gifts and talents for the glory of God.


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